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Our Phone Number

Our Phone Number

Our Phone Number

As a courtesy to our customers we have made email access readily available on this web site. Many customers have pointed out to us that our phone number is not available here. This is why.

As a result of Buffalo Bore ammunition being a highly technical product, often designed with strategic advantages for use in very specific applications; roughly 90% of all our phone calls have traditionally been technical questions. We have considered hiring someone to PROPERLY answer tech questions, but since every load we offer was developed by the owner (Tim Sundles) based on his 40 years of hand loading and shooting all manner of firearms, we simply cannot find or sufficiently train a person to answer tech questions in a substantive way. Sure, we could easily train someone/anyone to regurgitate boiler-plate information, but that is not what Buffalo Ammunition is about. If you have a tech question, we would prefer to give an insightful answer.

Most of Tim Sundles' time is spent at the range testing or in the field hunting/testing or in the factory setting up machinery, therefore we have elected to eliminate our phone number from this site as customers get frustrated when they call with a tech question that can only be answered by Mr. Sundles who is seldom available.  If Mr. Sundles were to stay around the office all day so he could be available to answer technical questions, he would never be able to perform the work of creating our great Buffalo Bore products.

We prefer that you email us  your technical questions as Mr. Sundles can answer emails late at night from home or at any time he is able to be in the office for a few moments. For those of you who simply have to call with tech questions or orders, our office phone number is (208) 756-3434 however, if you call us, please understand that circumstances will likely mean you'll get an answering machine, where you can leave a message. We feel that these circumstances create poor customer service regarding technical information, but because of the extreme nature of the technology behind Buffalo Bore ammunition, we cannot simply hire a person to handle tech questions as there may only be a handful of humans in the entire country that could answer the range of tech questions we get or that would understand all of the reasons why and how our ammo performs as it does.

If you look up any of our items on this site/shopping cart, you'll see the "Technical Info" icon for every item.  If you'll click on that icon, all sorts of technical information for every item, including full exterior ballistics charts, will come up for you and may answer your questions.

Thank you for your understanding in this regard.  Good Shooting!  Have Fun and be Safe!

Best Regards, 

The Team at Buffalo Bore Ammo.