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As of this writing, we are entering our 20th year of manufacturing and selling ammo as a company. I’m personally entering my 45th year of hand-loading and developing ammunition on a personal basis, all of which eventually finds its way into developing this business/company and providing a quality product to my customers.

It seems that each month, at least one person will ask me for my company’s load data for at least one load/cartridge we make. (This has been going on for the entire 20 years) Most of the time, I compose myself, take a breath and hit the delete button, but once in a while I respond by explaining that in the last 20 years, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop effective, unique and high quality ammo, with the hope that I can sell enough of it to feed my family, pay for future development/growth and stay in business…

We live in an increasingly electronic and digital world that keeps us from developing personal relationships because we can do our communicating electronically. One of the down-sides to this technology is that we have lost much of the normal human decency that comes from personal interaction with others.

How any person can have the lack of feeling for others, enough to say, “Give me (for free) the very recipe to your success” and perhaps survival, (expensive load data) is beyond my ability to understand. I do understand if the person asking for something so unreasonable is a 19 year old, that has yet to experience much of life and may still be breast feeding metaphorically, but when fully grown adults, that may even own their own businesses, ask for such, the callous disregard for my (and my employees) welfare is so blatant, that I am compelled to write this short article.

Friends, I have taken and endured much risk over the last 20 years, to develop this company as a small business owner, in the hopes that I can make a living by providing a valuable and useful product. If I give away my very recipes, so they can be posted on the internet or otherwise shared, I may as well shut my doors, because I will not last long in business. The fact that I have to explain all of this to folks who would selfishly ask for my hard to come by and expensive to develop load data, is the hardest part for me to accept. I believe we need to think more about others, not ask for anything for free, but go earn our way in life. Never mind that if I gave away this valuable information, some folks are so selfish as to misuse it, hurt themselves and then sue me because I gave them data…….we live in a world where folks want what they want for free, regardless of how it impacts others and then if they do not properly use, what they got for free, they will sue!

Please let’s be thoughtful of the blood, sweat and tears of others. Let’s not assume we are entitled to anything for free, especially at the expense of others. Our communications ought not be so one-sided in heart and mind that we ask for things, for free, that have come to others at huge expense or that others rely on to pay the bills. Thank you for thinking about this.




Friends and Customers, 08-18-20


All shooters are being inconvenienced with what is happening to our society and the rush it is causing on ammo supplies. We have LOTS of ammo in stock and are making more at a huge volume on a daily basis. If our web site allows you to order any item, that means it is in stock—WE DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FOR ITEMS WE DO NOT HAVE! So, please do not email and ask if items are in stock. If they aren’t, the shopping cart will not take your order.

We have hundreds of customers to get orders to on a daily basis. In order for us to accomplish this for our customers, we ask the following.

  1. Be sure of what you are ordering. You are going to get what you ordered.

  2. Do not contact us and ask to change an order you’ve already placed. When we manually change orders it requires a lot of time that we do not have during this rush and it keeps us from serving all of our customers. If you’d like to change an order, we can no longer do that till things slow down, so simply place another order for more product, but PLEASE, NO MORE CHANGES after the fact!

  3. We NEVER have and never will take ammo exchanges or returns and then turn around and re-sale that ammo to unsuspecting customers as factory new ammo—this is not safe nor is it fair to customers who are buying what they think is new and safe ammo. No ammo is tamper proof! So please stop asking to exchange or get a refund for ammo you ordered, but have changed your mind about.

  4. Please do not contact us and ask for tracking numbers or “when will my ammo ship”? Our system automatically emails out tracking numbers on the orders we ship each day, however, because these emails are coming from a corporation shopping cart, many of these emails may go to your spam folder……..please look there. If it is not in your spam folder, that means we have not yet shipped. At current order rates, we are shipping within 5-7 business days of the time an internet order is placed. Please sit tight. Your ammo will arrive at the same time if you track it or not and will certainly arrive later if we are swamped answering questions instead of getting orders shipped. When 30-50 people per day send emails asking for tracking information and we have to pull that information up, then type it out and email it, it takes a huge portion of our work day that we should be using to ship those orders to customers in need. Please leave us alone so we can serve all of you. (ship to you) It’s a bit selfish, during times of shortages, when so many folks need to protect their families, to slow us down because you ordered carelessly or want to change your order. Right now, we expect you to do your part to help us all get the ammo we need in our troubled country.

These measures are hopefully temporary and will not be needed for long as we enjoy the interaction with our customers, so please, for the time being, be mindful of all those others who are also trying to get ammo during what I think is a societal meltdown/emergency. Hopefully, we can serve you all. We want you and your families to be armed and safe and we wish you the best during these trying times. My biggest concern is that things will worsen yet more, for a while. Until things straighten out in our government and society, we will have to streamline our customer service in order to serve all customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Good shooting and God bless,

Tim Sundles

I Understand