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Why Outward Appearances of Ammunition May or May Not Matter

Why Outward Appearances of Ammunition May or May Not Matter

Friends, I frequently get asked why (as one example) a half jacketed JHP pistol bullet is better or worse than a full length jacket on the same weight and caliber JHP bullet…….or you can substitute any other question of this type, because I get them all and often. So let’s deal with the full length jacket versus the ¾ length jacket question and then apply the answer/concepts to any question of this type.

When discussing how a bullet will perform terminally, (or internally/inside the firearm, for that matter) what would matter much more than how long the jacket is, are several factors….namely, what is the jacket made of, (how hard or malleable it is) how thick is the jacket at any given point along its length,  what is the bullet core material made of, how wide and deep is the hollow nose cavity, what are the expected impact velocities and to what type of medium? (Humans in this case) When a properly designed bullet matches all those criteria together, you’ll get proper/deadly performance……, if all those criteria are matched up, who cares of the jacket stops a few hundred thousandths of an inch short of the bullet nose? The length of the jacket needs to be matched with all those criteria and if it is, the bullet will do the job it is designed to do. Some folks get hung up on looks, without realizing how meaningless looks alone can be.

We test the bullets we load into our ammo. If they do not meet several performance based criteria, we won’t use them in our ammo, but perhaps to a fault, the last thing I am worried about is appearance.

Also, it should be noted than on our site for all of our ammo products, we have placed a disclaimer that says the exact appearance of the bullets/ammo in the photos, may not match the photos on our site. Websites that are hundreds or thousands of pages long, like ours, are always in need of some sort of update, this takes time and is very expensive, so we often find ourselves in a position of not taking new pictures every time a bullet manufacturer changes the appearance of their bullet or every time we make a change (based on performance) of the bullet, brass or primer used, etc.

Hopefully this little article will clear up some confusion and be of help to our customers and others.

Good shooting and God bless.