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 Often I get asked about the best ammunition (in any given hand gun) for “Self-Defense”.  This question is far too broad for me to give specific and useful/meaningful answers to.  So if you’ve just emailed me that question, this short article is for you.


For starters, in many parts of the country, (never mind the entire world) folks are more concerned about being harmed by bears, moose, bison, mountain lion and even hogs than they are people.  So the term “Self-Defense” can only be defined by being specific. i.e. “self-defense against humans”, would mean just what it says, but “Self-Defense” is left open to interpretation. Guns are not toys and shooting people or critters is not an issue I wish to take lightly, so as a courtesy to my customers, I want to give you answers that are meaningful and will benefit you, so please be specific with me when asking for advice and I can in return be specific/meaningful/helpful with you. I am not willing to use to guess-work or assumptions in giving out advice that your very life or the lives of those you love, may depend on someday.


Next, there is no best ammo for “self-defense against humans” in any given popular handgun cartridge……your choice in ammo should depend on the conditions under which you carry and what you expect the ammo to do. i.e., do you “carry” in cold climates where the human predator may wear three coats? Do you want your ammo to have the ability to shoot through soft cover like car doors, windshields, stick frame walls, sofas or any other handy type of cover he may have jumped behind and still penetrate his heavy winter clothing?


If you do not anticipate ever shooting a two legged predator that weighs over 150 lbs., never wears clothing heavier than a tee shirt, always stands facing you frontally and only attacks in bright daylight, then I will recommend ammo choices that are very different than if you anticipate the variable conditions that most of the real world may present if you are called on to shoot another human in defense of life. FWIW, this may be a good place to refer you to my article on CONCERNS OF BULLET OVER-PENETRATION IN CIVILIAN SHOOTINGS.


If you are concerned with outdoor carry where harm from wildlife can and does often occur, then likewise, please be specific………stopping a 2,000 lb. Bison or 1,000 lb. AK Brown Bear requires much more from a cartridge than killing or dissuading a 170 lb. Mountain Lion or 130 lb. Wolf…………..If you care to read more on “outdoor” carry for wildlife threats, here’s my article on TRAIL AND CAMP GUNS.

Most of the time, ammo choices will involve trade-offs on some level as shootings rarely happen in controlled environments, where the ammo choice could be custom tailored before hand.

I can be of most help to you, if you will be very specific with me about what you expect or may need your ammo to accomplish. Thank you.

God bless,

Friends and Customers, 08-18-20


All shooters are being inconvenienced with what is happening to our society and the rush it is causing on ammo supplies. We have LOTS of ammo in stock and are making more at a huge volume on a daily basis. If our web site allows you to order any item, that means it is in stock—WE DO NOT TAKE ORDERS FOR ITEMS WE DO NOT HAVE! So, please do not email and ask if items are in stock. If they aren’t, the shopping cart will not take your order.

We have hundreds of customers to get orders to on a daily basis. In order for us to accomplish this for our customers, we ask the following.

  1. Be sure of what you are ordering. You are going to get what you ordered.

  2. Do not contact us and ask to change an order you’ve already placed. When we manually change orders it requires a lot of time that we do not have during this rush and it keeps us from serving all of our customers. If you’d like to change an order, we can no longer do that till things slow down, so simply place another order for more product, but PLEASE, NO MORE CHANGES after the fact!

  3. We NEVER have and never will take ammo exchanges or returns and then turn around and re-sale that ammo to unsuspecting customers as factory new ammo—this is not safe nor is it fair to customers who are buying what they think is new and safe ammo. No ammo is tamper proof! So please stop asking to exchange or get a refund for ammo you ordered, but have changed your mind about.

  4. Please do not contact us and ask for tracking numbers or “when will my ammo ship”? Our system automatically emails out tracking numbers on the orders we ship each day, however, because these emails are coming from a corporation shopping cart, many of these emails may go to your spam folder……..please look there. If it is not in your spam folder, that means we have not yet shipped. At current order rates, we are shipping within 5-7 business days of the time an internet order is placed. Please sit tight. Your ammo will arrive at the same time if you track it or not and will certainly arrive later if we are swamped answering questions instead of getting orders shipped. When 30-50 people per day send emails asking for tracking information and we have to pull that information up, then type it out and email it, it takes a huge portion of our work day that we should be using to ship those orders to customers in need. Please leave us alone so we can serve all of you. (ship to you) It’s a bit selfish, during times of shortages, when so many folks need to protect their families, to slow us down because you ordered carelessly or want to change your order. Right now, we expect you to do your part to help us all get the ammo we need in our troubled country.

These measures are hopefully temporary and will not be needed for long as we enjoy the interaction with our customers, so please, for the time being, be mindful of all those others who are also trying to get ammo during what I think is a societal meltdown/emergency. Hopefully, we can serve you all. We want you and your families to be armed and safe and we wish you the best during these trying times. My biggest concern is that things will worsen yet more, for a while. Until things straighten out in our government and society, we will have to streamline our customer service in order to serve all customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Good shooting and God bless,

Tim Sundles

I Understand