The single most difficult question we get is regarding which load/cartridge “kicks” the most.  Felt recoil is highly subjective and there is no formula or definitive number that can be assigned. We can determine free recoil via the laws of Newtonian physics, but “felt” recoil is entirely dependent on many factors that cannot be defined or quantified.

Example: I am CONTINUOUSLY asked about which 44 mag. or 454 Casull (insert any cartridge) kicks the most. However, if I was to give my opinion, it would be based on my hand shape, hand size, forearm mass and strength, bone density, experience, nervous system , mind set, weight/mass of the handgun, shape of handgun grip and how that fits my hand shape/size, etc, etc, etc. So, what I think I feel in regards to recoil, will vary at least a little, if not a lot, from person to person. Hence, asking any person other than yourself, about how much (felt) some cartridge kicks, is entirely pointless. Many, many times I have informed a shooting partner that “this load/gun doesn’t kick at all”, only to have that person cringe in pain upon firing the first round and then refuse to shoot it any more……………..

Further, I am convinced that folks, who are concerned about felt recoil, need to get out and shoot more, until they are so familiar with the recoil that they no longer think about it as a factor in their decision making. There is no substitute for experience.