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100 gr. Hard Cast @ (900 fps - 2" or 1050 fps - 6"/ME 222 ft-lbs)
20 Round Box

Item 36C



Friends, this load is a collaboration of Jeff Hoover, Jason Cloessner at Lipsey’s, and myself, strictly as an anti-personnel load for their new “Ultimate Carry” six-shot J Frame chambered for 32 H&R. Lipsey’s often designs limited run firearms, and they team with the big gun makers to then produce guns the way they should have been made in the first place, for which the buyer pays a premium. For example, these Ultimate Carry J Frames do not have a “Hillary Hole”. That unreliable Hillary Hole has kept me from buying many new S&W revolvers for the last 20 years. Let's hope the absence of this redundant and unreliable “so-called” safety device is a continuing trend.

As the story goes, during the development and testing of these new 32 H&R Ultimate Carry revolvers, the folks at Lipseys were looking for the perfect anti-personnel load. When using smaller handgun cartridges to stop humans, you are best served not to use expanding bullets as when calibers get small, and bullets get lightweight, mushrooming them, which acts just like opening a parachute, may stifle penetration enough to make non-lethal wounds and nothing more. So, we were tasked with designing a load that will do the damage of a mushrooming bullet but still penetrate deeply, and this matters if the bad guy is wearing three coats, weighs 300 lbs. or if you are shooting through a car door or a windshield, etc. This is a good place to read an article on this very subject……… Use of Expanding Bullets in Small Defensive Cartridges

The folks at Lipseys noticed that when firing our 32 S&W Long cartridge (Same cartridge as Colt 32 New Police) out of these 32 H&R Ultimate Carry revolvers, not only did that little 100 gr. HARD CAST wadcutter give great accuracy; it does what hard wad cutters do, and that is smash their way through flesh and bone, doing far more damage than round-nosed bullets. This forward smashing of living tissue also creates straight and, therefore, deep penetration. With the 32 S&W Long load featuring this bullet, they were getting about 830 fps from the two-inch revolvers.

Enter Buffalo Bore; I was asked to use the very same 100 gr. hard cast bullet, but load it into 32 H&R brass with a two-inch muzzle velocity of 900 fps. which, as of yesterday (05-10-24), is a reality. You can see real-world velocities below from real-world revolvers.


>   909 fps - Ultimate Carry silver, 2-inch
>   897 fps - Ultimate Carry Black, 2-inch
>   973 fps - Ruger SP101, 3-inch
>   990 fps - Ruger John Wayne, 3.7-inch
1032 fps - Ruger Blackhawk, 5.5-inch

It is important to understand how hard cast wadcutters work to destroy living tissue. First, being hard, the meplat bullet edge does not deform on living tissue, like soft lead wadcutters. This keeps them smashing a perfectly round, sharp-edged hole, like a cookie cutter. This causes bleeding, lots of bleeding, tends to break bones, and incapacitates humans with aplomb.

Remember, this is a standard pressure load, which means it can safely be fired in ANY/ALL firearms, thusly chambered, that are in ordinary functioning condition. If you email me asking me if this load is safe to use in your revolver, I will refer you to this paragraph.

As an aside, I did fire a number of our 32 H&R +P loads in these little Ultimate Carry revolvers and they functioned perfectly. +P ammo will wear any gun faster than non +P ammo, if all else is equal, so yes, these +P loads will be harder on your gun, but unless you are going to fire hundreds or thousands of them, you’ll never notice the extra wear by using +P ammo sparingly.

You’ll also notice the targets below that I fired off-hand at 11 yards with this load in both my Ultimate Carry 32s. These were the first two groups fired. I did not know the guns yet, and I was not trying all that hard, so you can see what the gun/ammo accuracy potential is. Using a rest and better sights on a longer barrel, I am able to place all bullets in one ragged hole at 11 yards.

Chances are good that if you shoot a 300 lb man frontally, who is wearing a heavy coat, this bullet will go through all of him and his clothing and perhaps exit his body. Keep that in mind. I believe all this hype about over-penetration is just that, HYPE. 90% of shots fired in a civilian gunfight miss completely, which means those bullets will keep going in the direction they were fired until an object or gravity stops them. So, do not tell me that the bullet that actually hits the target and penetrates deeply enough to exit that target is much of a liability. Folks, if you’ve been forced into a gunfight, let’s see to it that first, you survive by using proper ammo and tactics. We can worry about over-penetration if you are still alive. Geeze, gun fights are dangerous to start with, and nobody wants to be in one, so let’s not overanalyze as if you could preplan every single contingency. Use ammo that will kill your target!

We happen to also make a standard pressure 38 SPL, 150 gr. hard cast wadcutter load, too. It is going 850-875 fps out of most two-inch revolvers. It is the load I carry in my J Frames be they chambered for 357 or 38 SPL. The advantage the 32 H&R J Frame has over the 38/357 J Frame is a capacity of six shots, not the usual five.



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