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32-20 WINCHESTER +P Hard Cast

SKU: 32-20-115 HC RN-FP-GC/20
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(115 gr Hard-Cast RN-FP-GC @ 2,000 fps - Rifle or 1,400 fps - Revolver)

20-Round Box

ITEM 32-20-115 HC RN-FP-GC

We are happy to introduce these new 32-20 +P loads. These loads are not ‘cowboy” type loads but are serious high-performance loads designed for hunting game up to 300 lbs. or for defense against humans. This load utilizes a 115 gr. hard cast, flat nose, gas-checked bullet. Being very hard, this bullet will not deform or otherwise mushroom when hitting mammalian tissues at these velocities. In fact, I would not hesitate to punch this bullet broadside (double lung) right through a 300 lb. black bear or a 700 lb. elk. No, I do not think any load in 32-20 is a black bear or elk load, but those non-expanding deep penetrating bullets will penetrate incredibly deep in flesh and bone.

Check out the below velocities taken from real-world over-the-counter firearms, not laboratory test barrels.

32-20 Guns

➤  2,043 fps - Miroku made Browning model 53, 22-inch barrel 
➤  1,975 fps - Miroku made Browning model 1892, 16.25-inch barrel      
➤  1,410 fps - Ruger Black Hawk convertible, 6.5-inch barrel 
➤  1,248 fps - S&W Hand Ejector, 5-inch barrel
➤  1,201 fps - Colt Army, 4.75-inch barrel

We also make high-performance ammunition for other cartridges of the same vintage, i.e., the 44-40 and 38-40, so we will offer the same warnings when using our 32-20 ammo. There are a lot of old guns out there that should not be fired with any ammo. So, use this high-performance ammo only in firearms made with barrel steel designed for smokeless powder. Cartridges of this vintage (released to the public in 1882) were first loaded with low-pressure black powder. Therefore, only firearms made after the advent of “special steel” designed for smokeless powder should fire this ammunition. This would be a good place to read our article on THE DANGERS OF NOT AGING YOUR FIREARM, VERSUS THE ADVENT OF“HIGH-PRESSURE STEEL” FOR USE WITH SMOKELESS POWDER.

Friends, there is no way I can age or otherwise determine the fitness of your gun via the internet. If you are not confident about your gun's fitness for firing with smokeless powder, please take it to a COMPETENT gunsmith that can actually inspect the gun in person and get his blessing. I often get emails asking about the fitness of “my great grandfathers 45-70” or 44-40, etc. Seriously, some folks think that over the internet, I can divine the fitness of a gun I cannot handle in person. I have family heirloom guns that I love to shoot, but in the last 15 years, I have hung them all up and no longer shoot them because I cannot see if the steel is fatiguing. Even “special steel” will fatigue if used enough, and that type of wear is invisible to the naked eye.

You’ll note the differences in revolver velocities. These velocity differences have more to do with barrel/cylinder gaps and chamber dimensions than with barrel length. It just happens that in these revolvers, the shorter barrels give slower velocity, but that is not always the case with revolvers. This may be a good place to read our article on “VELOCITY VERSUS BARREL LENGTH.”

This is a good place to explain the dynamics of revolver velocities versus rifle velocities. Your revolver has six chambers, but your rifle has only one……what that means in the real world is that if all six of your revolver chambers were reamed to the exact same dimensions, you’ll get very low extreme spreads in velocity, BUT (there has to be a “but”) revolvers, especially older revolvers made on older equipment, tend to have a few thousandths variation from chamber to chamber, which ultimately results in higher velocity extreme spreads than rifles. Of course, the average shooter that owns a chronograph will fire six shots from his revolver and notice an 80 FPS extreme spread and will, with his limited knowledge of internal ballistics, blame the ammo. All you have to do to discover if this is the fault of your revolver versus the ammo is to fire six shots of the same ammo in your rifle and through the same chronograph…..Remember, SAME CHRONOGRAPH!!!!

Accuracy was good to excellent with all test guns.

We want you to be able to use your “cowboy action” gun or any fit 32-20 firearm to hunt game, or defend yourself, and this ammo was made with that purpose in mind. We wish you the best shooting experiences. God bless.

Tim Sundles

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