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HEAVY 25 ACP Pistol and Handgun Ammo 6

SKU: 25ACP-60 HC FN/20
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60 gr. Hard Cast FN - (850 fps/ M.E. 96 ft. lbs.)
20 Round Box


For well over two decades (today's date is 09-21-22), customers have been requesting the development of 25 ACP ammunition that will actually kill humans. We now have it available.

Load #1 (item 25ACP 60 HC FN) features a 60gr. hard cast flat-nosed bullet that is moving at 850 fps out of these test pistols. In our testing, it appears that this bullet will travel entirely through a 200 lb. man that is frontally shot in the chest. This is lethal.

Load #2 (item 25 ACP 50 FMJ-RN) features a 50 gr. FMJ-RN bullet moving at around 875 fps from these test pistols.

I have fired many major brands of 25 ACP ammo featuring a 50 gr. FMJ-RN bullet, and they normally do not exceed 700 fps—very anemic performance.

The below pistols give real-world velocities, not hyped-up laboratory test barrel velocities that you’ll never see in real use on the streets.

25 ACP Pistols

Here are the velocities for item 25ACP 60 HC FN

>  851 fps - Beretta model 21A, 2.4-inch barrel
>  819 fps - Colt Pocket Pistol, 2.1-inch barrel
>  822 fps - Baby Browning, 2.0-inch barrel
>  835 fps - Seecamp, 2-inch barrel

Velocities for item 25ACP 50 FMJ-RN

>  889 fps - Beretta model 21A, 2.4-inch barrel
>  857 fps - Colt Pocket Pistol, 2.1-inch barrel
>  818 fps - Baby Browning, 2.0-inch barrel
>  868 fps - Seecamp, 2.0-inch barrel

These two loads are within SAAMI pressure specs and can be fired in any all-steel pistol that is in ordinary firing condition.

You should always test these small pistols for cycling reliability with your chosen load BEFORE you rely on the ammo to save anyone’s life. The 60 gr. load functioned flawlessly in the Beretta, Seecamp, and Colt pistol, but will fail to feed occasionally in the Browning. The 50 gr. load functions reliably in all four test guns.

There is no appreciable muzzle flash with a cartridge this small.

Good shooting, and God bless,

Tim Sundles

Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. Maximum firepower ammo. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. Buffalo Bore. Strictly Business.

You must be 18 or older to order ammunition. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Due to Department of Transportation regulations, we cannot accept returns on Ammunition. Make sure to use the correct ammunition in your gun. Check local laws before ordering.

Chef Nicholas on 01/16/2024 07:05am
Update to my previous review. I have since fired both of the BB heavy 25acp, Hardcast & FMJ, since writing my first review. Both cartridges operated perfectly in my Raven Arms p-25. They have not damaged the frame or internals. These cartridges, are Very Accurate, Very Mighty, and I have No Doubt they'll perform their duty. I purchased these high powered 25acp cartridges to Improve Reliability in my Raven Arms p-25. Slide wouldn't return to battery while using other brands of 25acp, about every 3-4th round I would need to nudge the slide into battery. Not with these BB cartridges. My mighty mini pistol now runs flawlessly and I can count on Buffalo Bores superior ballistics. If the needs arises I know if I aim properly, I will hit my target, if I hit my target, I know BB Heavy 25acp will do the rest. Highly impressed with these cartridges. I will now purchase more for practice. Very Mighty. Quality is very high. Packaging is very high-quality. Shipping was faster than I expected. Priced fairly for the quality you recieve. Give them a try, I'm sure you'll agree. These are the best 25acp cartridges being manufactured today.
Chef Nicholas on 12/23/2023 03:36pm
Buffalo Bore shipped my 25acp hardcast & FMJ the very same hour that I ordered. Delivered directly to my doorstep in less than 4 days during Christmas time, this was impressive. Inside my package was a real note written by a real human. (Much appreciated, it worked and I will try again on my next order)
I have yet to use these cartridges in my Raven Arms 25acp. They may possibky break my frame, yet to be seen.
I will update my review upon trial.
James Hebert on 06/02/2023 08:02pm
I purchased a box for a feature on YouTube and the Mag Life blog. As a fan of the old 25, I was disappointed by most defensive offerings and stuck to ball ammunition. Buffalo Bore's 60-grain flat-nosed load consistently outperforms ball ammo in velocity and in penetration. The only potential downside is the flat nose may or may not agree with the feed ramps on older pistols. A worthwhile load to investigate.
Mike D on 05/23/2023 05:45pm
Just tried the 60-grain hard cast in my Bauer .25, and I was amazed at the performance. Definitely some mini firepower! This gun just became a legitimate backup. I didn't have any issues with cycling a full mag and one in the hole. I did use a brand new magazine.

Granted I'm not %u201CMr.Gun%u201D but I'd bet that 7 of these hot lil smokies would certainly get more than just your assailant's attention.
raymond oconnor on 12/23/2022 06:53pm
just wanted to say thank you guys for taking the time and effort to bring this powerful, lethal .25 round to the market. i'm so tired of hearing about the .25 being just a weak and lethargic round. but NO MORE !
this new buffalo bore .25 is the REAL DEAL.
i recently ordered 2 boxes, and i'll be ordering much more . works great in my little beretta 950 bs jetfire .25 acp pistol.
JF on 10/22/2022 03:00pm
Functions flawlessly in our Colt Junior and Astra Firecat. Chrono results say it's even faster than advertised. We're very pleased.

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