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170 gr. FN @ 2,300 fps/ME 1,997 ft-lbs
20 Round Box


ITEMS 29A and 29B


These two new 32 WS loads are the direct result of customer requests. I’m normally hesitant to make any new loads that are not a big improvement over existing ammo, regardless of who makes it and that goal was not hard to accomplish with our new 32 WS ammo. We are making two 32 WS loads--a 170 gr. JFN load (item 29A) and interestingly, we are able to push that bullet at well over 2300 fps in a 24-inch barrel and 2300 fps in a 22-inch barrel—this is as fast, or faster than even the best 150 gr. 30-30 loads can be pushed. This is not only a big energy jump over the 30-30 but with the 32’s bigger bullet diameter, this is a definite advantage in lethality on big game. I’ve killed enough big game to know that if all else is equal, bullet diameter seriously affects how lethal the cartridge is on big game and this is where the 32 WS shines over the 30-30. This would be a great place to read a short essay on FT. LBS. of energy versus TKO effectiveness.  

Item 29B features a 200 gr. hard cast, gas checked bullet…….but please read on.

I keep hearing folks say that the 32 WS is simply a necked up 30-30 casing. That is really not the case. The 30-30 is simply a necked-down 38-55 casing as the 38-55 is of much greater antiquity than the 30-30. So the 32 WS is basically a necked down (down from .379 inch) 38-55 casing as is the 30-30, but the 30-30 is necked down to .308 inch and the 32 WS is necked down to .321 inch. All three of these cartridges fit in the slim/trim Winchester 1894 action, which if you’ve ever hunted with one of these Winchesters, you’ll understand how handy, trim, and lightweight they are. The same should be said for the Marlin and Savage lever-action rifles chambered in 32 Winchester Special.

I would use item 29A on beasts of up to 500 lbs. at distances under 200 yards.

As per usual, we use real-world firearms to achieve our published velocities. See below;


➤  2,371 fps -- Winchester 1894, circa 1980’s Commemorative - 24-inch barrel
➤  2,301 fps -- Winchester 1894, circa 1906 - 22-inch barrel
➤  2,189 fps -- Winchester 1894, circa 1980’s Commemorative - 16-inch barrel

All three of my rifles shoot item 29A very accurately.

I would use item 29B on beasts of well over 1,000 lbs. if I had the need to do so, but I normally step up to a .338 Winchester Mag. (or bigger) for that type of task. Still, if a 32 WS rifle was what I had, I’d use this load for that purpose without hesitation.

At 2,150 fps, item 29B pushes its 200 gr. bullet as fast or faster than typical 170 gr. 30-30 loads……what’s not to like here with 30 grs. more bullet, of bigger diameter, arriving on target faster than a 170 gr. 30-30 bullet would? See my recorded velocities below;


➤  2,175 fps -- Winchester 1894 circa 1980’s Commemorative - 24-inch barrel
➤  2,130 fps -- Winchester 1894 circa 1906 - 22-inch barrel
➤  2,044 fps -- Winchester 1894 circa 1980’s Commemorative - 16-inch barrel

Both these loads are kept within the SAAMI max. average pressure of 38,500 CUP, same as the 30-30.

Item 29B is a different story regarding accuracy; with my two 1980’s vintage model 1894s shooting that heavy bullet quite well with their 1:14 twist, but my older 1906 Winchester has the old/original 1:16 rate of twist and will not shoot that heavy bullet as accurately, but it is still accurate enough for close-range defensive work against a bear or moose. I believe Winchester started using the faster rate of twist in the 1950s, but I am not sure when Marlin or Savage went to the faster 1:14 or 1:12 twists. Any of the faster (faster than 1:16) twist rate barrels should stabilize the 200 gr. bullet very well and give good accuracy out to the range/distance limits of the cartridge.

This is serious ammo for the old 32WS and if you are fortunate enough to own one of these great old rifles, these loads will/can do more effective hunting of big game than the original ammo, by far.

Take care and have fun,

Tim Sundles


Item 29A - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several Muzzle Velocities


Muzzle Velocity @ 2600 fps for Item 29A


Muzzle Velocity @ 2500 fps for Item 29A


Muzzle Velocity @ 2400 fps for Item 29A



Muzzle Velocity @ 2300 fps for Item 29A



Muzzle Velocity @ 2200 fps for Item 29A



Muzzle Velocity @ 2100 fps for Item 29A



Muzzle Velocity @ 2000 fps for Item 29A


Muzzle Velocity @ 1900 fps for Item 29A


Muzzle Velocity @ 1800 fps for Item 29A


Muzzle Velocity @ 1700 fps for Item 29A


Muzzle Velocity @ 1600 fps for Item 29A



Field Proven rifle and gun ammo. Maximum firepower ammo. Best ammunition for rifles and guns for sale. Buffalo Bore. Strictly big bore. Strictly Business.

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Greg belt on 11/29/2022 06:42pm
Ty for this
nicholas on 11/15/2022 06:51am
Howard Huffman on 09/16/2022 03:37pm
I'm glad to finally find ammo
Seth Haskins on 12/12/2021 01:37pm
This ammo is fantastic. I have a mid 40s and a late 50s Winchester 1894 in 32, and this round shoots beautifully out of both.
BRIAN SHARON on 09/09/2021 12:09pm
great chance to get hard to find ammo
Lane Leipold on 08/26/2021 03:10pm
Can't wait to get more for this years 2021 deer hunting season. I hope it is available soon. Wow, it makes my 1923 .32 WS into a deer slayer! Make some more - please!
Steve on 05/29/2021 09:08am
Really shoots well through my Dad's pre-1953, 336Marlin Rifle!!! Hoping to get a deer here in Indiana this year, with it? Waiting to see it become in stock to buy more???
Don Beagle on 03/04/2021 07:35am
I am going to purchase a 1894 Winchester Rifle chamber in 32 Winchester Special. After reviewing ammo, your 32 WS looks like the beat cartridge available. So I%u2019m ordering before I purchase the rifle.

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