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9X23 Winchester 115 gr JHP

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Buffalo Bore 9X23 115gr. JHP
115gr. JHP @ (1550 fps / ME 613 ft lbs)

ITEM 9X23 115JHP


Since the beginnings of the 9X23 Winchester cartridge, I’ve thought it was an incredible cartridge for self- defense. With true 357 Magnum velocities from a 5 inch 1911 pistol; it is packable as a concealment /defense/social pistol and highly effective on humans when proper anti-personnel ammo is used. Never mind that it is simply a great home defense pistol/cartridge combo when sitting on the nightstand. With personal defense against humans in mind, Buffalo Bore is introducing four 9X23 loads for those of you that have 9X23 competition pistols and want to use them for something other than shooting matches. This is fearsome ammunition, designed for stopping a human threat.

As can be seen in the photos below, Clark Custom made two 9X23 pistols for me.

Clark Guns

The full sized 1911 comes with the normal 5-inch barrel, plus a 6-inch barrel was also fitted at Clark, in order to glean more internal ballistic data with two barrel lengths. Since this cartridge is a slim straight-walled case, just like the 9MM Luger, the magazine holds 17 rounds. The other 1911 is a CCO……which means it has the very short officers grip frame, mated to a commander length (4.2 inches) barrel and slide assembly, to assist in concealed carry. This pistol utilizes a single stack magazine.  The beauty of this 9MM sized case is that a single stack magazine will hold (generally speaking) one more round than a .40 caliber cartridge and two more rounds than a .45 caliber cartridge.

At Buffalo Bore we always use real world firearms to inform the shooter about real world (where it matters) performance. We avoid the duplicitous practice of using extra-long barrels in a laboratory, where unrealistic velocities are produced.

Original velocities for the 9X23 cartridge, from 5-inch barrels, were basically a 115gr. bullet @ 1550 fps, a 124gr. bullet @ 1450 fps and a 147gr. bullet @ 1300 fps. All four of these new loads exceed these velocity minimums but stay well under industry max. average pressures.

Flash suppressed powders are being employed in all four of our loads as most civilian shootings happen in low light, while the criminal element is most active……. being blinded by your own fire, is tactically, very disadvantageous.

All four of these loads are well under the industry max. average pressure of 55,000 PSI. These loads are operating at or under 50,000 PSI, so they have lots of safety wiggle room. We’ve chosen propellants that produce a slightly compressed powder charge once the bullet is seated. We do this so bullets cannot be driven substantially deeper into the casing via the cycling/feeding process which is quite violent to the loaded cartridge. Driving bullets deeper into a case that is already withstanding 50,000 PSI, will raise pressures and is not safe, so we have remedied that possibility with a compressed powder charge. Additionally, we are under-sizing the portion of the case that grips the bullet shank, to create tension/grip on the bullet in order to better hold the bullet in place. This is a great place to read my article on BULLET “SET-BACK” IN SEMI AUTO PISTOL CARTRIDGES.

1.  Item # 9X23 115JHP utilizes a 115gr., JHP bullet and is designed for massive expansion and possible bullet disintegration as it passes through a human torso, depending on which bones may be struck. Penetration should be around 11 to 15 inches in living material. This is the load to carry in summer when folks are wearing nothing heavier than a tee shirt or to carry in your home, where “pass-through” shots may hit a neighbor’s house, etc. Due to the high velocity of this load, versus the bullet construction, this load could almost be considered as “frangible”.  This is a good place to introduce my article on………CONCERNS OF BULLET OVER-PENETRATION CIVILIAN SHOOTINGS

➤  1609 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 6-inch
➤  1558 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 5-inch
➤  1485 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 CCO 4.2-inch

2.  Item 9X23 124JHP utilizes a 124gr., JHP bullet and is designed for massive expansion and a slightly smaller possibility of bullet disintegration as it passes through a human torso, depending on which bones are struck. Penetration should be around 12 to 17 inches in living material. This is a better all-around load for human defense than our 115gr. JHP load and is the load I’ll carry in my pistols, for the first two or three cartridges up.

➤  1510 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 6-inch
➤  1460 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 5-inch
➤  1429 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 CCO 4.2-inch

3.  Item 9X23 124FMJ utilizes a 124gr. FMJ bullet designed not to expand. This is the load to use if you care to over-penetrate the human torso of any size. This can be desirable where you find the need to shoot through soft cover such as furniture, stick frame walls, car doors or windshields, etc.. This would be the load to carry in the woods for defense against bears or other large animals that require extreme penetration in order to reach vital organs that are tucked away under layers of fur, fat, muscle or bone. Many folks find it tactically advantageous to carry expanding/JHP bullets for the first two shots “up” in a carry pistol, but after those first two shots have been fired, any surviving threats may have jumped behind cover where they remain a lethal threat…….and this is where the deep penetrating, non-expanding FMJ rounds that are remaining in your magazine, might become very useful.

➤  1512 fps -- Clark Custom 1911  6-inch
➤  1465 fps -- Clark Custom 1911  5-inch
➤  1426 fps -- Clark Custom 1911 CCO 4.2-inch

4.  Item 9X23 147JHP utilizes a 147hr. expanding JHP bullet. It is a very versatile load as it will penetrate deeply in living flesh and bone, but will mushroom violently. Expect roughly 14 to 20 inches of penetration in living material depending on which bones are struck.  Due to the deep penetration, this would be an excellent deer or average sized bear/hog load. I do not consider the 9X23 to be adequate for hunting any animal over 350 lbs., regardless of the load used.

➤  1343 fps -- Clark Custom 1911  6-inch
➤  1305 fps -- Clark Custom 1911  5-inch
➤  1250 fps -- Clark Custom 1911  CCO 4.2-inch

Item 9X23 115JHP - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several different Muzzle Velocities


Muzzle Velocity @ 1700 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP



Muzzle Velocity @ 1600 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP



Muzzle Velocity @ 1500 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP



Muzzle Velocity @ 1400 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP


Muzzle Velocity @ 1300 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP



Muzzle Velocity @ 1200 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP



Muzzle Velocity @ 1100 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP


Muzzle Velocity @ 1000 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP


Muzzle Velocity @ 900 fps for Item 9X23 115JHP


Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. Maximum firepower ammo. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. Buffalo Bore. Strictly big bore. Strictly Business.

You must be 18 or older to order ammunition. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Due to Department of Transportation regulations, we cannot accept returns on Ammunition. Make sure to use the correct ammunition in your gun. Check local laws before ordering.

SCOTT T GIBBS on 01/07/2017 03:43pm
This is really good factory ammo for the 9X23 pistol. Mine is a re-chambered Colt 1911 with a Colt factory 9mm barrel re-chambered to head space on the case mouth of the 9X23. These rounds seem to function better that the Winchester 124 gr. loads and penetrate about 6-inches of dry phone book with no failures to function.

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