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147gr. Hard Cast FN @ 1100 fps


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Many folks who enjoy the outdoors are not “gun people.”…… They recreate in the outdoors but may own only one or two guns. They may own a typical 9mm pistol for personal protection in the home or on the streets, but they do not own a dedicated outdoors handgun that is the typical “woods” gun, such as a 454 Casull or a 44 magnum. We’ve designed this 9mm load for those who own a 9mm pistol and wish to carry it in the woods for defense against black bears or grizzlies. This ammunition will give them a fighting chance, and in keeping with that theme, it may be helpful to read my essay on Stopping Bears with Handgun or Rifle Cartridges.”

This 9mm load is rated @ +P pressures (not +P+) and as such, is safe to use in any/all 9mm chambered pistols that are in normal operating condition. The hard cast bullet (not lead, but hard cast) will not lead foul a functional barrel in a normal state of operation, including polygonal barrels, in any make of pistol, including Glock pistols. Reading my essay on “Hard Cast Bullets in Polygonal Barrels” may be helpful.

Many encounters with wild animals and the human criminal element will happen in low light, and for that reason, we’ve utilized a flash retarded powder in this load. There is no need to be blinded by your own gunfire at the very moment of need when protecting yourself or loved ones.

This load is designed to penetrate deeply (4 to 6 feet) in a straight line, through flesh and bones, and that flat nose does considerably more terminal damage, as it crushes its way through tissues, than a round nose bullet does as it slips and slides its way through tissues and that crushing action, keeps the bullet nose forward and ensures very deep straight-line penetration. Round nose bullets tend to get sideways as they slip and slide through tissues, which often causes them to veer off the path. This bullet is designed to crush through a large bear skull, coming and going.

While this bullet will over-penetrate humans, even 300+ lb humans, wearing heavy winter coats, there is nothing wrong with using it for defense against humans in situations where over-penetration is not a liability……..sometimes over-penetration is desirable if we need to shoot through car doors, windshields, stick frame walls, or any other softcover, in stopping a threat.

As per usual, Buffalo Bore does not believe in the industry-wide duplicitous use of extra-long laboratory test barrels to determine published velocities. These barrels do not give real-world velocities but always give much higher velocities than stock firearms. Below, see the velocities developed by some of my personal 9MM pistols. These pistols cycled/functioned flawlessly with this load and gave anywhere from good to excellent accuracy.

> 1,088 fps ------ SIG P226 Elite - with 5-inch threaded barrel     
> 1,116 fps ------ H&K USP Tactical - with 4.7-inch threaded barrel
> 1,096 fps ------ Browning Hi-Power - with 4.6-inch barrel
> 1,083 fps ------ Glock model 19 - with 4-inch barrel
> 1,089 fps ------ Walther P88 - with 4-inch barrel
> 1,021 fps ------ Ruger LC9 - with 3-inch barrel
> 1,024 fps ------ SIG P938 - with 2.9-inch barrel



Two days ago, I was guiding a couple from NY on a fishing trip and decided to pack my S&W 3954 pistol. When we were approaching the stream, we bumped into a large boar who must have been sleeping as we were talking loudly so that we wouldn't surprise one.  Over the past 33 years, I have lived and guided here on the Alaska peninsula I have never had to kill a bear in defense of life, but this bear was different.  

We were in thick brush and I was only 8 or 10 feet from the bear when he started growling and huffing.  I began yelling and it eventually ran around, behind my two clients, into the brush.  But within 15 seconds it came charging back from the area behind us and popped out of the brush 10 feet from me!   I had the little S&W in my hands and was thinking I was probably going to have to shoot it but as it cleared the brush it headed toward my clients.  The man had enough sense to grab his wife and fall backward into the tall grass.  The bear seemed to lose track of them, even though it was less than 3 feet away from them and it was highly agitated!  It then swung toward me, I was 6 or 8 feet away, and I fired the first shot into the area between the head and shoulder.  It growled and started wildly thrashing around, still basically on the feet of my clients. My next shot hit it in the shoulder and it began twisting and biting at the hits and I continued firing as fast as I could see vitals. Five shots later it turned into the brush and I hit it again and it twisted and fell 20 feet from us!  

We hiked out and I flew back to camp to report the incident to F&G and pick up my daughter to go back and skin the bear for F&G. 

You are the first person I  have told this story to as I haven't decided whether to write it up or not, or where, but thought you should know that your ammo WORKS.   We recovered 4 of the bullets and I took a photo of the back of the bear after the hide was removed that shows an entry on one side of the back and the tip of the bullet on the off side ...

Phil Shoemaker

Phil Grizzly

Item 24L - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several different Muzzle Velocities


Muzzle Velocity @ 1500 fps for Item 24L



Muzzle Velocity @ 1400 fps for Item 24L



Muzzle Velocity @ 1300 fps for Item 24L



Muzzle Velocity @ 1200 fps for Item 24L


Muzzle Velocity @ 1100 fps for Item 24L



Muzzle Velocity @ 1000 fps for Item 24L



Muzzle Velocity @ 900 fps for Item 24L


Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. Maximum firepower ammo. Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. Buffalo Bore. Strictly big bore. Strictly Business.

You must be 18 or older to order ammunition. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Due to Department of Transportation regulations, we cannot accept returns on Ammunition. Make sure to use the correct ammunition in your gun. Check local laws before ordering.

Trevor on 03/06/2021 05:05pm

Buffalo Bore review 

p 147-grain penetrator 9x19mm

In 02.2021 I was hunting wild boar in Northeast Texas and engaged one at 50 yards with my scoped rifle loaded with soft point rounds. After three shots to the braincase my rifle the boar was still attempting to stand up and probably run, so I walked closer, and upon attempting to shoot a fourth-round my rifle jammed. 

Upon realizing the jam I immediately transitioned to my Sig Sauer P226 handgun, firing one shot through the exposed neck and into the braincase. Soon after that shot, the boar ceased movement. During the quartering and butchering process, the 115-pound boar showed three large exit wounds from the rifle rounds with brain matter exposed. Against expectations, only the Buffalo Bore P 147 Grain Outdoorsman bullet was recovered, as will be shown here if attaching images is possible! I'll never trust another handgun round for backcountry protection.


Russell Parks on 02/16/2021 06:27pm
I carry a Kimber micro 9 with night sights as my sidearm while night hunting for wild hogs here in Florida. The 147 gr. Outdoorsman load has proved EXTREMELY reliable and deadly on these tough beasts. Used as mostly finishing shots; however a month ago probably saved me serious injury or death on an unusually large "dead" 300 lb boar. My primary gun is a Ruger .357 magnum bolt action carbine loaded with handloaded 180 gr hard cast bullets @ 1700 FPS. This combination has dispatched well over 100 hogs with carefully placed neckhead shots. This very large boar (with 5" tusks) went down as if poleaxed at the shot between his eye and ear. I waited and watched him a few minutes with the red predator light mounted on top of the scope. Satisfied he was done; I climbed down from my stand and approached him, leaving the rifle in the stand. Upon reaching him; he suddenly jumped to his feet and began running and squealing blindly while hooking imaginary foes with his tusks. I drew the tiny Kimber just as his head was clearing. He spotted me just as I fired the first 147 gr bullet. 5 more bullets were needed to stop this stunned boar plus another behind his ear. After my heart started beating again; I found my first .357 bullet had hit low through his upper jaw just knocking him temporarily out but not hitting any vital area. The 9 mm bullets all penetrating through the tough shield and heart/lungs. Thanks Buffalo Boar for providing a truly effective load. You can depend on these loads for stopping very dangerous animals when called upon.
Bill on 12/18/2020 09:37am
I gather firewood for the local LIEAP in black bear and grizzly country. You would think all the noise we make such as the truck chainsaws and us hollering around at each other the bears and mtn lions would be long gone but there's always a good chance I could stumble into one and need some well aimed firepower. All I have is a Glock 19 gen 4 except a 30-30 long barrel which isn't very handy at ALL times. From what I know I'd need a heavy for caliber hopped up load to even stand a chance or even then. I've never saw HC bullets so I gave these a try. I got 2 boxes one to try out and one for actual woods carry. These are quite accurate and they really hit with authority for a 9mm load. There's a 17 round mag loaded up for the bear and cat country for just in case and readily accessible for me.
Frank Russo on 01/31/2018 08:29am
I have the BB for both my M&P 2.0 9mm and my M&P 2.0 45ACP full-size. I'm thinking if the 9mm can kill a bear as mentioned, then my 45ACP with the BB 45ACP 255 grain +P Hardcast FN should be just as good if not better. I feel much better carrying my 45 as a woods gun when it's loaded with Buffalo Bore.
A. K. on 12/20/2017 02:35pm
I have been shooting this 9mm Outdoorsman ammo for years out of my G17, G19 and G26 without ever having a malfunction. It hits hard and is very accurate. I have shot this load for years out of a stock glock barrel, a KKM barrel and a Lone Wolf barrel. but mostly the stock barrel. I have never seen any lead build up, EVER. I do clean the barrel after every time I shoot them just in case, but just to be clear, there has never been any lead build up in my stock glock barrel or my other aftermarket barrels. I don't have a stronger recoil spring assembly either. I use the plastic RSA the glock comes with. I shoot the cheaper Magtech 147gr FMJFN for a little extra practice and I can't tell the difference in power. both pack a good punch. I can tell you these do not have near the punch as the Penetrator or the P 115gr HPs. Might want to get a tougher spring for those. I have 22lb Gen 3 RSAs with the Gen4 adapter when I shoot those. Those two P loads have never shot consistently out of my G26 so I don't even mess around with them anymore with the G26. Never a malfunction in the G19 & G17 though. Just to be clear, I have never had a malfuntion with the 9mm Outdoorsman in my G26. I am mostly in the woods at parks with my dogs and I also live deep in the woods so this is my primary carry ammo wherever I go. I used to carry different magazines and switch out HPs when in public but that has gotten old and I think the less you mess with them the better when you are riding around. I don't plan on saving the day in some restaurant anyway. but I do want to be able to save my dogs from larger predators if need be. in the Southeast. I have much bigger arsenal for Big Bear country.
Robert Berg on 08/12/2016 06:18pm
I just got my second order and first from BB direct. I HIGHLY recommend using this in an extra defense mag should you need to shoot an attacker behind cover. I carry one loaded mag for my Mod. 2's and XDs. Outdoors, I carry the .45 hardcast in my Hi Point pistol and Carbine.
JR on 12/16/2015 07:54pm
I love to test new ammo. Against this hard-cast 147 grain, I selected 147 FMJ FP from Underwood, a hot 124 P FMJ from Fiocchi, A 147 FMJ FP from Doubletap,and a 124 grain P FMJ FP handload. The medium wasn't scientific. Just a pile of newspapers underneath a hard 2 x 12 board. The Buffalo Bore hardcast out-penetrated everything else. It was a solid 1 1/2" deeper than the second place bullet, the Underwood 147. The amount of damage was also much greater. Here's the most important point. Nearly 100% of the bullet was left, WAY AHEAD of the others. It doesn't get any better for woods protection.

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