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45-70 Magnum - Lever Gun Rifle Ammunition

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45-70 Magnum - Lever Gun Ammo
430 gr. LBT-LFN @ 1,925 fps/M.E.3,537 ft lbs
20 Round Box



Our 45-70 ammunition is externally identical to SAAMI spec 45-70 ammo, but internally it generates FAR more power and pressure. So, our 45-70 ammo will fit into ANY 45-70 firearm but is not safe in every 45-70 firearm.

Its use should be limited to the following firearms:

All Marlin 1895 (1895 Marlins are all model 336 actions, chambered in 45-70) iterations made since 1972, all Browning 1885 and 1886 copies, Rossi Rio Grande, New England Arms Handi Rifle, T/C Encore, ALL falling block actions made of modern steel such as Ruger #1 and #3, Shiloh, Christian and Pedersoli Sharps, Henry Lever Action Rifles, CVA Center Fire Rifles, all Winchester 1886 iterations made since 1915, CVA Centerfire Rifles and all Siamese Mauser bolt actions.

Never use this ammo in ANY original or reproduced "Trap Door" action as the design is far too weak.

We use only factory stock firearms in recording published velocities, so you get true, actual field velocities with our ammo -- not exaggerated long laboratory test barrel velocities.
Item 8A (430gr. Hard Cast penetrator)

➤   1920 fps -- Marlin 1895, 22-inch barrel
➤   1879 fps -- Marlin 1895 Guide Gun, 18.5-inch barrel

Item 8B (405gr. JFN expander)

➤   2002 fps -- Marlin 1895, 22-inch barrel
➤   1955 fps -- Marlin 1895 Guide Gun, 18.5-inch barrel

Item 8C (350gr. JFN penetrator)

➤   2145 fps -- Marlin 1895, 22-inch-barrel
➤   2060 fps -- Marlin 1895 Guide Gun, 18.5-inch barrel

Item 8D (500gr. Barnes Buster FMJ-FN penetrator)

➤   1628 fps -- Marlin 1895, 22-inch barrel
➤   1590 fps -- Marlin 1895 Guide Gun, 18.5-inch barrel

Item 8E (300gr JHP expander)

➤   2355 fps -- Marlin 1895, 22-inch barrel
➤   2263 fps -- Marlin 1895 Guide Gun, 18.5-inch barrel

Many a Grizzly Bear, Cape Buffalo, Bison and other dangerous game have fallen to our 45-70 loads since we began 45-70 production 1999. Below is an idea of what type of game these loads were designed for.

Item 8A -- for game where 5 to 6 feet of straight line non-expanded penetration is needed.

Item 8B -- the bullet utilized expands to an inch or more in diameter at our velocities and hence penetration is limited to about two feet in flesh and bone. This is the single most effective hog and black bear load ever devised in 45-70. I don't use it on animals weighing more than 800 lbs as it won't give adequate penetration at bad angles for animals larger than 800 lbs. If you'll limit yourself to broadside (double lung) and CNS hits, this load will work on 2,000 lb animals.

Item 8C -- The bullet we utilize in this load is very tough and gives only a small to moderately sized mushroom (about .60 cal) and because of the smallish mushroom, it penetrates very deep -- about 4 feet in muscles and bone and as such is a great bullet for use on dangerous game and on smaller game too as it does expand some. This load is the most versatile of our 45-70 loads.

Item 8D -- This bullet is a solid and won't mushroom and thus will penetrate 5 to 6 feet in muscle and bone.

Item 8E -- the bullet utilized in this load will expand radically and will penetrate only about 18 to 24 inches in muscle and bone and was designed for use on animals weighing no more than 400 lbs. At 2350 fps it is very fast and flat shooting. (For a 45-70)

Item 8A - Exterior Ballistics Charts for several Muzzle Velocities


Muzzle Velocity @ 2200 fps for Item 8A



Muzzle Velocity @ 2100 fps for Item 8A



Muzzle Velocity @ 2000 fps for Item 8A



Muzzle Velocity @ 1900 fps for Item 8A



Muzzle Velocity @ 1800 fps for Item 8A



Muzzle Velocity @ 1700 fps for Item 8A


Field Proven rifle and gun ammo. Maximum firepower ammo. Best ammunition for rifles and guns for sale. Buffalo Bore. Strictly big bore. Strictly Business.

You must be 18 or older to order ammunition. Ammunition must ship UPS ground. Due to Department of Transportation regulations, we cannot accept returns on Ammunition. Make sure to use the correct ammunition in your gun. Check local laws before ordering.

Michael on 12/05/2018 09:25pm


I want to personally thank you for helping us on this hunt! We had a amazing time, and it is support from companies like Buffalo Bore Ammunition that make these hunts successful. The ammo performed exactly as you said it would. No issues taking down young to mature bulls. 

This trip was special as four of the veterans were combat veteran 11B's (Army infantry) and myself, a Marine infantry man. Everyone on this hunt was disabled and all disabilities were combat related. It was very comforting knowing that the ammunition in my rifle was accurate, hit like a freight train, and was American made. Thank you so much. 

Mike Cheramie  


Steve on 03/05/2011 06:13pm
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Dear Buffalo Bore,

As you recommended, I used your 430 grain 45-70 magnum cartridges in my Marlin 1895GS lever action for a bison hunt in Missouri.  In short, I couldn't be more pleased with the results.  After stalking for a couple hours, I moved along a riverbed and had a 75 yard shot at a 3-year old 800lb bull I was after.  I hit the bull exactly where I wanted with the open sights: behind the shoulder and the bullet drove right through the middle of the opposite shoulder and into the hillside.  The bull took one step and immediately dropped.  No follow-up shot was necessary.  When I went up to the kill, a very large bull came out of the nearby woods and threatened to charge.  I had another three rounds of your ammo loaded and was very comfortable as I was confident I would be able to drop him if he decided to charge.  This was an extremely humane hunt due to your accurate and powerful round -- the great bison didn't know what hit him and expired in a few seconds.  From my calculations, your round has over 3.65 Newton-seconds of momentum (extremely high) and very high penetration -- the perfect combination for any bison or similar game.  I won't hesitate to use your ammunition again.  I've attached a picture. 



Mike G. on 04/14/2010 06:32pm
Thanks for making the Ammo you do. Before taking the plunge to buy that shiny Grand Cherokee outside I was able to pull off 5 solo hikes in the Eastern end of the Brooks Range. Having a 45-70 full of your 430gr thumpers made me (and my family) feel a lot safer.
Stephen McKelvain on 02/15/2010 02:09pm
Dear Tim,

Attached is a picture of the 44" buffalo taken in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. I used the Buffalo Bore ammo that you sent and recommended. 430 gr. LBT-LFN

The bullet performed perfectly. It was a one-shot kill straight into the heart with a quartering-on angle. Both my Professional Hunter and Mark Keefe, Editor of American Rifleman were concerned about what the performance would be of a single-shot rifle chambered in .45-70. Needless to say they were both very impressed with your cartridge.

The hunt will be on "Benelli On Assignment" on the Outdoor Channel in 3rd quarter 2010. It should also be written up in American Rifleman by Mark and possible by another writer that was on the hunt named Bob Williams. He writes for Sporting Classics among others.

Thanks again for the ammo and your advice. Having taken animals from a Steinbok to a Cape Buffalo with .45-70 Buffalo Bore ammo I feel totally confident with the performance of your ammunition.

Please feel free to use the photos on your website if you wish.

Best regards,

Stephen McKelvain
Vice President of Marketing

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